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Research projects for protection, enlargement and utilization of freshwater resources in coastal areas

GO-FRESH: Geohydrological Opportunities FRESH water supply

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The project GO-FRESH investigated how to improve the use of existing fresh groundwater resources and to create new freshwater reserves, thereby to ...

DESSIN - Demonstrate Ecosystem Services Enabling Innovation in the Water Sector

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The European water research project DESSIN demonstrates and promotes innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality related challenges a...

Knowledge for Climate

Knowledge for Climate Logo
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Knowledge for Climate was a Dutch research programme that aimed to develop applied knowledge, through cooperation between the Dutch government, the...

MARSOL - Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought

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The joint project MARSOL is aiming to demonstrate that Managed Aquifer Recharge techniques are able to secure 'excess' water and store it in the so...

FREEWAT - FREE and open source tools for WATer resource management

FREEWAT - Free and Open Source Software Tools for Water Resource Management
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FREEWAT aims at promoting the application of EU water-related Directives by means of an open source and public domain, GIS-integrated solution for ...

BaltCiCa - Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region
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The BaltCICA project focused on climate change impacts, costs and adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region and used climate change scenarios to discuss ...

WATER4COASTS - Evaluating hydraulic barriers for reducing and controlling salt water intrusion, flooding risks and nutrient loadings in coastal catchments in a changing climate

Water4Coasts - Sites and Issues
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The WATER4COASTS project seeks to developed new and efficient solutions for integrated, sustainable and adaptive management of groundwater and surf...

Keep it Fresh! Installation of a smart water well in the Vitens well field of Noardburgum