About the SUBSOL Knowledge Base and Marketplace

The SUBSOL Knowledge Environment (KE) is an online, flexible and adaptable platform and has been developed in the frame of the SUBSOL project (bringing coastal SUBsurface water SOLutions to the market). It aims at collecting and exchanging information about solutions to problems that frequently occur in freshwater resources and ecosystems of coastal areas, such as seasonal water shortage, saltwater intrusion, and degradation of wetlands. Users can either browse for information to get an overview of the manifold possibilities for coastal water management or use queries to identify solutions that fit best to their search criteria. The Knowledge Environment was designed to complement the existing resources such as other platforms (e.g. EIP Water, Watershare) and portals (e.g. Global MAR portal), concentrating on a quite narrow subject (freshwater management in coastal areas) and presenting it at a great level of detail with various functionalities and search options.

The Knowledge Environment consists of three components: a Knowledge Base, a Market Place and a Toolkit, all provided through a unified web-based environment. The Knowledge Base provides information on what methods are available regarding technical solutions for groundwater management in areas with brackish or saline aquifers, what has already been applied and tested under different contexts and what were the main lessons learned. Several functionalities have been developed, such as free and advanced search as well as exploring relevant applications in maps. To access this information the user does not need to be registered. The Market Place is the environment in which the interested parties can find information regarding successful implementations, design of products and practice of innovative solutions, aiming at dissemination and promotion for potential adoption and replication in similar environments, in order to solve all or part of their problem. Functionalities of the Market Place include personalized settings, rating of items, sharing of information and receiving regular updates on new solutions and tools. To access these functionalities the user needs to create an account. The toolkit includes a series of online and open tools that provide an answer to how appropriate solutions for sustainable groundwater resources management in coastal areas can be selected, designed and implemented. Links to publications and further sources of information are included in all data categories.

If you would like to share information about methods for coastal water management, new projects, applications or tools you can upload the information after creating an account in the Market Place. If you would like to correct or update existing entries you can also contact us directly .